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Zaineb Mahjoubi, Founder


I created a brand that enhances our natural beauty without changing the way we look. Founder, Zaineb Mahjoubi  


Growing up, my family taught me the importance of nature. How we are blessed to benefit from nature’s essence and nourish our body and mind with it. As in every family, a mother has a powerful role in the life of her daughter. For me this was no different. She was and still is my inspiration when talking about natural beauty. I remember our Hammam routines like it was yesterday. Every week she used to repair her secret all natural recipe which we would use on our face, hair and body.  

These mother-daughter moments were magical. It made me realise how happy I would be creating my own beauty brand one day. A brand that offers premium natural products that are great for the body, face and hair. With no chemicals and no additives.  

As my dream grew bigger, every day I searched for the perfect product to launch my brand. I wanted it to be something special, something representing my past and my future. My search ended in my home country Morocco. Known for its culture but also rich in beauty secrets waiting to be revealed to the world.  

I choose Argan Oil, also known as the liquid gold of Morocco, as my first product. It is my personal favourite as it is one of the most powerful natural products out there.  

I hope the Lily Essentials products make you feel loved, blessed and beautiful as there is no better routine in life than a beauty routine.  


With Love,